YouTube is world's No1 platform for videos, and it was launched in February 2005, almost 16 years ago. After that, from being a new site with random videos to the most excellent video sharing platform in the world that has introduced various careers. 

This platform changed our way of consuming video content, and importantly it has enticed a new generation of best video creators. There're various YouTube Channels or You Tubbers that daily put out niche videos for YouTube audience. however, you can earn money through YouTube but if your channel is monetized.

The point is to make more numbers of YouTube subscribers your channel has to get more views on your videos. Well, it's a tough competition, especially for newbies that have started recently, because there're various channels with more audience making lots of money. But it doesn't mean it's not possible to break through, grow your YouTube Channel and gain more subscribers.

There are various YouTube marketing companies to help you with your growth, such as SubMeNow or Subscribers.Video. These are the best YouTube marketing teams that help various Youtubers to make the most of their channels. 

The best thing is that they help you gain real subscribers and not bots, thus providing you the chance to engage with the real people interested in your video content. 

Which Features do Victorious YouTube Channels have in common?

Apart from your youTube marketing company, it is also essential to put your struggle to ensure that your YouTube channel grows and that your channel views increase consistently. 

Additionally, the struggle you put in is extremely significant since you're the only one creating your videos, after all. You're the person behind the screen, ensuring that your subscribers are engaged with the content you deliver.

We have designed the standard features that successful YouTube channels share. Here is the list of All the qualities and Tips to make your work a bit easier for you.

Having Clearly defined Niche

Firstly, you must check off on your to-do list to have the best Niche for a victorious YouTube channel. It means a specific field or area of interest that your all videos will be focused on. Such as your Niche could be fashion, music, gaming, cooking, and so on. Pick an area that something you are right in or you're passionate about. And make sure that you're educated enough to share your talent or knowledge with your audience. 

Knowing Your Niche will help you have the best idea of who your target audience is, which is essential for your channel growth. This allows tailoring your content accordingly. 

Offer a quirked angle

 After finalizing your niche and target audience, you should find a way to make your videos stand out from the rest. It would help if you found a new angle for your videos to offer the best selling point in easy words. 

For example, If you're interested in cooking or fashion channel, instead of merely showing different food points or showing outfits. In that case, the best way to increase your views and make your videos stand out is to share useful tips and tricks on how to cook different food items and how to style daily outfits. This is something that you will get more audience, thus earning you more subscribers. 

Quality Content

It is essential that never compromise on the quality of video content. This is regarding the idea of video production, words, and post-production, in other words, how you execute it. The best channel has high-quality video content that gives value to their viewers. 

The most neglected quotient is the audio. If your videos have terrible audio that you can hardly be heard. In that case, it fails to give your viewers value,  such as how-to videos and cooking videos, etc.; It's essential to ensure that your videos have great audio.

Highly engaging Content For your loyal followers and New Subscribers

As you experience your channel's growth and start to gain more real subscribers, your content must grow too. You need t make content for both old and new subscribers. In the starting days of your channel, it is good to focus on making video content to attract new subscribers. As your channel has grown considerably and you start to gain momentum, you want to shift your focus on videos to retain the subscribers you have already because it is challenging to keep a loyal subscriber entertained and happy than gain a new subscriber. 

In all videos, End Card

The end card is essential to you and all your videos on a memorable and healthy note. It's also an effective way t do this by having an end card in videos you share daily. These slides turn up at the end of each video on your channel. They contain a channel logo, contain familiar CTAs such as "Like" or "Watch more," and give links to your other videos. With the best end card, you can see your hard work materialize. It can quickly boost your viewers' engagement, encourage more views, and help you make more subscribers.

High-quality Editing

The importance of editing never is stressed enough. If you're starting a new channel, one of the perfect things you could do for your channel's growth is to learn how to edit or hire a professional video editor to do the best work for you. 

Even if your best for video is excellent and you have the best camera for shooting, editing can make a break your video. However, a unique editing style that sounds from other videos in your Niche attracts new subscribers and turns videos into aesthetically-pleasing visual content. 

SEO optimized Title & Description

While your video content matters a lot, the text is equally essential for your YouTube channel growth. These include title and description because YouTube is a search engine, and it finds videos on the text. Viewers find videos by searching for keywords related to what your video is about, which is why your title and description should be SEO optimized. It is essential to include primary keywords related to your video in your texts and remember not to make it sound spammy.

High Engagement with Your Viewers

YouTubers interact with their viewers daily, whether it's simple linking of comments. It shows that you like or appreciate your viewers and that you like to keep them engaged. However, another best way to engage with subscribers is to be active on other social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram. It's much easier for you to engage in an active and fun way with your audience. 

Consistently Posting

The common mistake that new YouTubers make is not being consistent in their uploads. Posting your videos at regular intervals is essential so that you can see constant channel growth. Make sure to follow a schedule for yourself, upload your videos once or twice a week, whichever works suits you. What matters most is that you give subscribers with quality at intervals. 

To set your video posting schedule, you've to know your procedure for video creation. How long it takes you to conceptualize, get to shoot, and work and then edit? Being aware of your timeline is essential. 


If you want to gain real subscribers and consistently increase your views, you need to ensure that your videos don't import useful information and entertainment value. After all, various people come to YouTube to entertain themselves. It's no wonder that the channels are those that can incorporate an element of entertainment and fun into their content. 

It does not mean that your videos should be about parodies and gags. There're various ways to make your content entertaining and fun while remaining true to your Niche. Find ways to make your videos engaging and fun to watch without compromising on their intent and integrity. Moreover, youtube has become a launching for stars, and if you like to make the most of the platform and gain millions of views, these tips and tricks will help you a lot. However, it's essential to understand that there's no such thing as an overnight success, and searching your groove takes time, consistency, hard work, and patience.