Being the second most powerful search engine in the world, YouTube provides its users with a vast range of things to enjoy. The platform has over 2 billion registered users every month and around 500 hours of video content downloaded every single minute. Step by step YouTube has evolved into one of the best brand marketing platforms, and more and more businesses are realizing the importance of accelerating growth by increasing YouTube subscribers and views.

Funny as it is, more and more companies are using the platform today which logically leads to more competition, so it takes much more to become successful than just uploading new videos regularly. YouTubers seek channels that offer more than just a nice background and a pleasant voice - they want new fresh ideas to keep them interested every time a new video is released. Here are a few ideas of what could be these trembling topics.

Once fitness is the key topic of your channel, make sure you manage to encourage your subscribers to live better and healthier lives. A great idea would be to share complete workouts, training videos about fitness, or comment on most common mistakes people make while doing sports, or even give your opinion on training equipment. If you’re engaged in selling sportswear, fitness food or similar stuff, make sure you promote them on your channel. You should also do some research regarding the latest most popular sports activities (e.g. yoga or cross fit) - a channel dedicated to all the people who are hesitant to start, or are just in the very beginning of their journey as well as professionals would be a nice initiative to invest your time and effort!


Many prominent photographers as well as amateurs have successful YouTube channels where they share their knowledge, tips, motivational stories and successful experiences with their followers. Why not do the same? Become a photography coach and give support to the beginners encouraging them to develop their skills, or give a kick to professional photographers who would be willing to learn from you and see which of your techniques they might comment on - yes, comments, both positive and negative, will only boost up your channel and make it more appealing to the users. However, be sure to show the best of your skills in the smallest details - pick a truly nice photo of yours as the icon of your channel and make sure all the pictures you use as background, etc. are spotless.


Games seems to be the area where the competition is so hard that no newcomer has the chance to become another YouTube star. Agree? We don’t. The variety of game related things you can use as the motto of your channel is immense: create game reviews, comment on the most challenging missions and tasks you have successfully completed, give tips and recommendations to the gamers, warn them about possible failures and hidden bonuses - and gain the love of your audience. Another idea could be an advertisement channel which could aim at reviewing the newest games, making game compilations or game charts, creating game spoilers and teasers and much more. Interested?


For those who deal with sports equipment and are looking for some advertisement opportunities, YouTube is a true gold mine. Get in touch with successful YouTubers and agree to promote your products, comment on the latest events in the sports industry, run competitions among the subscribers and give some prizes to the most determined ones - all of these and many more ideas are available for everyone.

Pets and animals

It doesn’t matter if you sell pet care products or breed some exotic species of animals - there have always been and will always be people who have pets, or would like to have pets, or are interested in pets, or have a friend who has one. And let’s be honest - the number of people who don’t like animals is almost nothing compared to the huge army of animal lovers. And people willingly invest time, money and other resources into the things they love. Got the hint? Once you create a pet oriented YouTube channel, you can talk about anything - promote pet care stuff, give advice on how to teach or treat pets, give reviews on pet care products or just upload the videos of your own four-legged friend once in a while. Another great idea would be to inform your subscribers that you are willing to cooperate with a pet shelter or want to pay them a visit once you reach a certain number of subscribers, etc. - just make sure you make your promises come true and share your experience with the subscribers.

Hair care

Needless to say both men and women suffer badly if they have problems with hair. And obviously most of us have either too little time or too little money to go to a beauty salon and have our hair properly styled or treated. However, it doesn’t mean that nothing else can be done with it. YouTube knows hundreds of bloggers telling stories of their failures and success in treating their hair, sharing their most favourite hair care products and reviewing them. You can do the same! Feel free to work on products suitable for all types of hair and all possible lengths, share your own experience using them or growing your hair, and people will happily listen to you! Trust us, watching a real person with real stories is much more persuasive than seeing a shining model in a commercial video.


Do we really have to explain why creating an educational YouTube channel is doomed to be a success? We doubt that. Education, either it’s kindergarten, school or university, is something most people have to go through in their life, and for most of them this path is full of various challenges, no matter if these are exams, writing a thesis or working on a school project. So why not help people in their learning process? Students of all ages will be glad to get your support, and any form of information will be highly welcome. Give tips on how to pass exams, review study programmes in your country and abroad, create tutorials for particular subjects or just dedicate each video to a complicated topic most people struggle with - and your likes and subscribers will immediately find you!


Food is most probably the most welcomed topic among YouTubers of all ages and nationalities. People enjoy learning to cook, watching documentaries about foreign food or listening to nutritionists giving advice and commenting on most popular diets. Food related channels gain love and fame incredibly quickly, and no one has yet complained about the competition among the users. So... what are you waiting for? Go ahead and tell your subscribers about your favourite recipes, most effective cooking tips, the brands you like and perhaps even the books or other YouTubers you would happily recommend. By the way, collaboration between YouTubers is highly welcome, and seeing two of their most favourite cooks in one kitchen is the view most followers could really enjoy! So take a full spoon of your talent, mix it with a few drops of imagination and make it work!


Makeup is the topic which bothers the minds of both make up artists, beauty bloggers, stylists and, of course, everyone who has a cosmetic bag. People all over the world are willing to learn how to put on makeup, take care of their skin, choose the best beauty products or even find alternative ways to use cosmetics. They seek the advice and guidance of someone who is both experienced in the beauty industry and is able to demonstrate their skills by creating their own fabulous image. Is it something people could tell about you? Then give a few video lessons how to put on daily makeup or get ready for a date, what makeup could create the right impression if you are preparing for an interview or getting ready to meet your spouse’s parents for the first time, give some advice how to make makeup and clothes match each other - and voila! Your subscribers are already begging for a new video!


Music can give you plenty of inspiration and new ideas. If you are a professional musician, you can easily create online music lessons and teach your followers to play a musical instrument or improve their skills. If you are good at singing and don’t mind performing in front of the camera, you can easily upload your cover videos and jam sessions. And if your target is selling music equipment, you can easily give reviews on various brands and producers, compare them to the products you distribute, give your own opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of each particular gadget, etc. You can also invite some popular music bloggers to cooperate with you by either creating duos and singing together, or using your products and giving their opinion on that - celebrity endorsements are still highly welcome.

Clothes & Fashion

Some people say that fashion comes and goes and only style remains - what we say is, fashion comes and goes, but YouTube fashion reviewers, stylists and designers will always be welcome to share their knowledge, experience and precious tips with their audience. Most people desperately want to be stylish, but sadly not many of us have been born with a natural feeling of taste and beauty. However, people are willing to follow some professional advice, and this is exactly the area which is still quite vacant. You can advertise your own clothes and accessories, give advice on how to dress up for particular occasions, warn your subscribers about the mistakes they should avoid and demonstrate most successful tips to use in everyday life. You can also create top 10 looks of the season, top 12 accessories of the year, share a few ideas where to find best clothes and how to combine them together... the list is nearly endless!

Diets & Nutrition

Many people are willing to give advice, but not all of them are professional and educated enough to provide recommendations regarding such a delicate topic. If you think your experience in healthy nutrition is trustworthy enough and you can really give some advice that works well not only on you, but on most other people - give it a go and help your audience reach the healthy lifestyle they crave for!


Vlogs are probably the most sincere and open way to share the backstage life of your channels and its creators. Perhaps that’s exactly what makes people trust you - when you are willing to share more than just the professionally edited video, but also some live stream, people understand that you have nothing to hide, you’re open to your subscribers and are genuinely interested in helping them and making virtual friends. Share the moments of your team work, tell your followers how videos are regularly done, show some funny moments you’ve had while editing or uploading the videos and count your new likes!

To crown it all, you should mostly concentrate on making your channel bright, colourful, friendly and audience oriented no matter which topic you choose to develop. Creating a high quality video is not enough - subscribers seek something more than average, and they are willing to like youк videos as much as dislike your content. Do it with your soul, make it your greatest target - and your success and fame will immediately find you!